Arrowteks Review ( Scam)

Arrowteks Review

Read our Arrowteks review before opening an account with them. This is an review, not to be confused with any other website.

Arrowteks review first look

By taking a look at their website there is little to no information of who they are, which is the biggest red flag. The lack of information about them should be enough for you to not deal with them. At the end section they have put same random company name that they picked it up from a shelf somewhere. So if they say we have a registered company, don’t fall for it, because anyone can set up a company online for just a few dollars. Also there is not any information on the web about who they are. If you had a trustworthy company that supposedly makes others a lot of money, you would share it with the world, and the interviews would pour in. But no one knows who these persons are and there is a good reason for that because they keep their identity hidden while stealing your money.


Arrowteks is not regulated by any agency, which means they can take your money and do as they please with it.
So we urge you not to deposit with Arrowteks and any other unregulated forex “company” for that matter. There is a reason why these websites do not get regulated, because they have the simple objective to steal as much money possible and switch into a different domain. If their intentions were honest they would have become regulated and stay for the long run.

What they claim to be

Even that they do not say it on their website, they will promise to make you big money through the phone. Which is weird because why would they make us money? If they are so good at trading why would they bother to make us money? The fact is that they can manipulate the trades from MT4 manager giving you the illusion that you are making money. But those “money” are just numbers on a screen, and after seeing these “money” they will push you to deposit more so you can make more money. When you reach your deposit limit or you smell something wrong, that is when the battle begins, and it can end on several ways, but none of them is good for you. Read below to find out what will happen next.

How does it work?

Usually unregulated forex brokers work in the following way. After registering in their website through one of their affiliates, which are usually websites claiming to have forex robots, you get the first call from the sales department, trying to persuade you to make the minimum deposit first.. They will offer deals that sound too good to be true and that you can make easy money. Please don’t fall for anything they say because they are all lies and these people are good at lying. If you make the first deposit you will get transferred into another department so they can rip you off for the long run.

Common scam methods

If you have reached your deposit limit or you have smelled something bad, normally you would request your money back. In this step they will try to get the last money out of you. They will come up with several excuses why they can’t return your money back to you right away. The most common scam method is so called margin loan aka credit or bonus. If you have credit on your account they will say you will need to pay back the credit before you can withdraw. Scam number two is that you need to pay taxes or the agent’s commission before you can withdraw. Other scams include that you need to pay some kind of insurance of trading fee, but in either case, if they request a fee from you before you can withdraw you money, don’t pay it, is a SCAM! We know is tempting for you to pay these money in hope that you get your money back, but we need you to resist the urge, as it will only make things worse.

Can u get your money back?

Usually the forex scammers are well organized as this is relatively not a new niche. Nowadays they require people to make deposits through bitcoin, which is an untraceable currency and the payments are irreversible. So if you paid them with bitcoin or through a bitcoin exchange, your money is most likely gone. We know this might be hard for you to digest but that is the ugly truth. If you paid them through a wire transfer, there might be one or two loopholes, but that depends from case to case. The only thing you can do something about it is if you have deposited through a credit card. In this case you will need to contact the bank or the credit card company to ask for a chargeback. But you need to represent a good case because not all the banks will help you with the excuse that it was you who authorized the transaction.

Is there something you can do?

The best chance you have is to follow the money and report it to the police. Trace the money carefully to see where they went, and make sure to bring all the variables to the police. Sooner or later one of these scammers will get it. However, we must say that in the most cases the police will not do anything about it. The main reason is that these entities are scattered in different countries thus creating jurisdiction issues for the local police. Hopefully if there are a lot of reports they will pass the case to Interpol, Europol or even to the FBI.
If you think you are becoming a scam victim by Arrowteks feel free to reach us at [email protected] .

Hiring chargeback companies

If you lost money with Arrowteks you are probably feeling very frustrated. The most important thing is not to feel ashamed because everyone becomes a scam victim at least once on their life. Second thing is not to make any rushed decision after that, take some days to calm down before proceeding further.
A chargeback company can be your ally in your case, because they have a lot of experience and can present your case to the bank in a professional way. However, if you are planning on hiring a chargeback company, we recommend you to hire the most trustworthy company because there are a lot of fake companies out there who would just take your money and do nothing about it.
The most reliable company we highly recommend to contact is Mychargeback company. In order to get a totally free consultation with them click the link here Mychargeback Company or use the Chatbox in the right side .

Save others

If you are one of the unfortunate victims of Arrowteks please share your experience. Leave a Arrowteks review below in the comment section describing the experience and if there was any other company you were victim of it make sure to mention it. You would probably like to have known about Arrowteks scam before you dealt with them and probably be saved, so now it is your turn to help others.

Arrowteks review conclusion

Talking on the phone with the employees of Arrowteks, we knew that they had made up names. This was the first sign of scam. Moreover they were being very pushy trying to persuade us to deposit more and more. They didn’t disclose the fact that they are unregulated, in contrary they claimed to be the most trustworthy. If you have deposited money please beware of the scam methods outlined in paragraph four. Make sure you report them to the authorities and possible inform the regulating agencies about them and don’t forget to leave a Arrowteks review below. If you haven’t deposited yet please stay as far away from this website. We hope our Arrowteks review was helpful to you. Trust us when we say there is no such thing as easy money, no one will make money for you, except you. If you have any questions reach us at [email protected]


  1. Worst thing I did was click the link. Don’t worry didn’t give them any money, but it populated my details, such as phone number. They will not stop ring and continue to block the numbers.

    Of course it is a scam. No business numbers or corporate numbers. Can’t delete accounts or change the detail, let alone they poor employee’s that ring, can’t speak any decent english.

    All I was looking for was info on when Yuan goes digital. Will not find it here. If you loose money, consider it a lesson paid for.

  2. Please do not have anything to do with arrowteks. My experience began with the grab concept “we will connect you to an automated stock market trading system “.BS. I lost big$.Their best play for attack is to play on your loneliness!! Another player in the scam market ProfitIx, same deal started well and come withdrawl time ?And!And!!!

  3. I also been scam by ArrowTeks i`m a pensioner stage 4 cancer i was trying to make some money to leave to my granddaughters and i lost everything.Hope someone would be able to stop them,please stay away far possible from them

  4. I got scammed by this so called company they sweet talk to you and think they will get more money from me . I said I want my money back and close the account and behold they will not do that SCAM
    They should be banned from websites and Facebook

  5. Scam,scam,scam.
    Ben Martinez,my “teacher”lost over weekend $70 000 and nearly 4 Bitcoin from my CoinSpot.I am 79years old,I was sorry for him,because his mum was one from first Covid 19 victim.He was having his short program on Youtube,but not any more.Youtube is having “storage”all clients.
    Can somebody stop them?I was stupid and naive.

  6. Got scammed also and account now closed , beware they or someone now rings to tell me they can help refund my money and afk for credit card details , fooled once but not twice !
    Don not trust anyone … lost $2000

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