Austrade Review ( Scam)

austrade review

Read our Austrade review before opening an account. This is an review, not to be confused with any other website.

Who are they?

By taking a look at their website, there isn’t much information about who they are. The lack of information means that they are up to no good. If you have a reputable company that can make so much money you would want to present it to the world, along with management. They claim to have a registered company, and they provide the company number but this doesn’t mean anything because anyone can register a company for a few dollars. What it matters is when the company was registered, and if it has any activity. Usually this people would file a registration with a company name or pick one from the shelf. So please do not let that fool you!

What do they offer?

Stated on their website they offer very unrealistic returns, ranging from more than 100% to 350% in 24 hours. This is another major red flag because no one can guarantee those kinds of returns in such a small timeframe. And let’s face it, if they are so good at making money, with guaranteed results, why share it with you, why bother to make us money. Trust us when we say there is no such thing as easy money, no one will make money for you, except you.

Deposit methods

By looking at their deposit methods another hint of their scamming scheme shows up. All those payment methods are very popular among scammers, because the transactions are irreversible. Once you authorize those kinds of transactions you can’t make a chargeback, and hence your money is gone for good. So please do yourself a favor and do not give your hard earned money to these people.


If you submit a withdrawal request it will most likely go to the trash bin. The only reason these people will return money to you is if they believe you will invest more. So play that strategy to recover as much money as possible. In the worst case you would have to take the experience as a lesson learned move on.

Pyramid Scheme

Most of this websites also run a pyramid scheme, meaning if you bring other people into their website you allegedly earn more money. Please do not fall for this and do not bring your friends and especially your family into this. If you do that, they will bring other people too and it can possibly affect a lot of people.

Austrade review conclusions

The biggest red flags on this website are the lack of information, the high unrealistic returns and the fake deposit and withdrawals numbers that they display. If you see websites on the internet that offer guaranteed high returns, they are a scam. The deposit methods are the most common used by scammers. They also run a pyramid scheme which is another common scam method. If you value your hard earned money please stay as far away from this website. We hope our Austrade review was helpful to you.

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