Uniteex Review ( uniteex.co Warning! )

Uniteex Review

Please read our Uniteex review before opening an account with them. This is a uniteex.co review , to see why we don’t recommend this website.

Uniteex review first look

By taking a first look at their website there is little to no information of who they are, which is a red flag. The lack of information about them should be enough for you to not deal with them. If they say we have a registered company, don’t fall for it, because anyone can set up a company online for just a few dollars. No one knows who these persons are and there is a good reason for that because they keep their identity hidden while stealing your hard earned money.


Another MAJOR RED FLAG is that Uniteex is not regulated by any agency.
So we urge you to not deposit with Uniteex and any other unregulated forex “company” because that means they don’t hold responbility and your money are absolutely not safe. They have the simple objective to take away your money and switch into a different domain. After that you can’t find them anymore and you can’t trace your money where is gone for always.
If they say we are regulated search the name company/no. license in the respective Regulating Agency database.

How does it works?

Talking with them, they will promise to make you guaranteed results on trade and will offer their help to make big profits. The fact is the trades can be easily manipulated from a MT4 Platform manager ( or another platform ) giving you the illusion that you are making profits. But those “money” are just numbers on a screen, while your real money is gone in their bank accounts . And after you see these fake “profits” in your account they will push you to deposit more so you can earn more money. It’s easy for them to show profits into your account and scam you , or by just a click of them you will lose all your money “supposedly” in the market . Believe us , there are no such easy money they will make for you .

Common scam methods

First they will ask you to deposit the minimum amount , then they will add fake profits appear in your account . After you see these profits and fall for it, they will ask you to deposit another amount so you can have more profits . They will continue to do that until you have no money left or you don’t want to deposit more. If you have smelled something bad, normally you would request your money back. They will not return your money back, this was not their intention since before they reached you. At this point they will ask you a large amount as a tax for their service in order to be able to withdraw your funds , otherwise they will block your account or will not respond to your email a long time.
We highly recommend you to not pay a fee to withdraw your money, is a scam! We know you want your money back , but this will only make things worse.

Can u get your money back?

If you have requested a withdrawl , and they keep delaying the process and not refunding your money , you have to perform a chargeback case. To do this you need to have all the proofs that you have been requesting withdraw and they do not give your money back. Nowadays they require people to make deposits through bitcoin, which is an untraceable currency and the payments are irreversible. So if you paid them with bitcoin or through a bitcoin exchange, your money is most likely gone. We know this might be hard for you to digest but that is the ugly truth. If you paid them through a wire transfer, there might a possibility to get your money back, but that depends from case to case. If you have deposited through a credit card in this case you will need to contact the bank or the credit card company to ask for a chargeback. If don’t know how to submit a chargeback case and need our help to prepare your case reach us at [email protected] .

Is there something you can do?

You have to trace the money carefully to see where they went and report your case to the police. Gather all the information and write it down: names brokers , numbers , addresses , all the information you shared with them ( bank details , PINs etc ) , and whatever you know about the company . Sooner or later one of these scammers will get it. Also make sure to report them to a Regulating Agency of Trading Online in your country.

Hiring chargeback companies

If you lost money with Uniteex you are probably feeling very frustrated. The most important thing is not to make any rushed decision after that and not to be ashamed at all, take some days to calm down before proceeding further.
A chargeback company can be your ally in your case, because they have a lot of experience and can present your case to the bank in a professional way. Be aware because there are a lot of fake companies out there who would simply take your money and do nothing about it.
The best company we highly recommend to contact is Mychargeback company. Mychargeback is a leader company in recovering lost funds due to a worldwide online scam. In order to get a totally free consultation with them click the link here Mychargeback Company . You can also use the Chatbox in the right side .

Save others

We are here to save people from thousand of scammers operating online , but also need your help. If you are one of the unfortunate victims of Uniteex , leave a Uniteex review below in the comment section describing the experience. If there was any name broker or any other company you were victim of it make sure to mention it . It is your turn to help others!

Uniteex review conclusion

Talking on the phone with the employees of Uniteex , we knew that they had made up names. This was the first sign of scam. These scammers will give out false physical addresses , telephone numbers , contact details , and after their objectives are accomplished they will change them over time. If you have deposited money please beware of the scam methods outlined above. We repeat to follow every way to report them to the right authorities with the right evidences. This company is not authorised by any Financial Authority , so we recommend to stay away from this website. Hope our Uniteex review was helpful to you and don’t forget to leave a Uniteex review below.
If you have any question reach us at [email protected]

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